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Collaboration 11 Jan 2007 07:27 pm

Topic 1: Hey Kids Let’s Design a Portal/How do we collaborate?

What is our format?

We will get together about once every month. Each time we get together, there will be three segments
• First, “how-to”. We’ll pick something that we are all dying to figure out how to do, and have someone show us how it is done. Expect lots of topics about Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other programs we use every day. But it could be anything we want to learn.
• Second, Book Club. We’ll talk about one of the books on our book club list.
• Third, the main event, will be a topic that we want to work on, or explore. There is a recommended list on the side bar, but we will pick as we go.

This is where it starts. First Topic.

We start by talking about how we collaborate.

We have lots of tools that can help us collaborate, including sitting in a room together or reading this blog. We have the usual suspects, telephone, web, e-mail, shared directories, Wikis, Blogs and Sharepoint. No one fits all.

We will talk about a stack of different challenges we face every day and decide whether the tools we have available are up to the task, or we need to invent new ones.

In the mean time, look at this posting from Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tale and editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine.

Then look at his follow up

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