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Negotiation 22 Feb 2007 12:44 pm

Topic 2: Negotiation (Aftermath)

Thanks to everyone who attended either in person or on the phone. I hope that those of you on the phone could hear well enough for it to be helpful.

As an follow up, I am attaching my Negotiation Session Outline so that you can see how all the pieces were at least supposed to work together.

To put what we talked about into practice, I would welcome comments here, especially on two topics:

  • Controlling the “wringing of the washcloth” we experience in our negotiations with our clients (about time, deadlines, features or price).
  • Negotiating as if implementation mattered, is a very healthy way for both FNC and its clients to look at how it forms its agreements. What would you suggest we negotiate with our clients that would help with implementation?
  • Next Steps

    I will be adding all of the documents we refer to into the 2007 Meeting Info page under the appropriate meeting and topic. That way you will not need to track back through the different posts to find the material.

    Next Topic

    Evaluating People

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