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Holding Meetings 03 Jul 2007 02:14 pm

Topic 6: Holding Meetings

This has to be everyone’s favorite. Meetings, meetings, meetings. What is that get us so excited about attending (or holding) meetings? Isn’t it just like getting to each dessert all day long?

Nay, some say. Not everyone likes to go to meetings, hear about meetings, even think about meetings. Why is that?

Are we thinking that attending a meeting is not the same as getting work done? Is that the same as feeling that when you are “getting work done” that we have some control over your environment, but you don’t during a meeting? What about the fact that it is hard to pay attention sometimes?

To get people started thinking about meetings, click below for a great blog posting about “taking time to think” but has an entire section on meetings that help “take time to think”. I think everyone will recognize much of what “Rands in Repose” is talking about.

Here it is: Taking Time to Think

Have a very happy 4th of July.

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