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Usability 08 Oct 2007 03:10 pm

Topic 7: Usability (“noticing” again)

What else can we notice?

Keys and cards.

In no particular order

  • Do you have a grocery “affinity club” card? It is even hard to know what to call them, you know, those cards you get from Krogers, Winn-Dixie, Ralphs, Safeway and so on?
    • Why? (Would you carry one if they did not create special “discounts”?)
    • How many do you have?
    • Do you carry the card (or one of this key ring mini versions?) How many is too many to carry?
    • Or, do you just give them your phone number?

Loyalty Cards on Keyring

  • How “usable” is it? Is there any of that “little awkward moment” at the check out line when you are trying to find your affinity club card and your credit card and watch your kids and… what else?
  • Can you scan the card or does the “checker” need to do something?
  • While we are at the grocery store
    • does your grocery store have one of those ATM/credit card readers where you “swipe” your card?
    • when you look at it, do you know which way your card should go?
    • do you have to look at your card to figure it out?


ATM Credit Card Reader

  • Do you have one of those “keyless entry” cards or whatchacallits? Of course you do.
    • What does it unlock?
    • Did you use one the last time you stayed in a hotel room?
      • why do they make sense for hotel rooms?
      • would you rather have a card key or a key?
      • have you ever had one that did not work? What did you do?
  • Finally, Gift Cards
    • Why are gift cards a great invention? Why are they better than gift certificates?
    • Why are gift cards a good example of “affordances and metaphors”? Do you have any confusion about how to use gift cards?
    • Mickey sure doesn’t.
    • Disney Gift Card
  • After a brief trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, we’ll be back to “notice” some more.













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