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21 Jan 2007 03:58 pm

About the FNC Roundtable

The FNC Roundtable provides a forum where FNC managers and supervisors can explore topics of interest and general application.

The sessions will be held as 10-12 monthly “luncheon” seminars running 60-75 minutes each throughout 2007, in Oxford (with others joining by tele-conference)

  • There will be a certain number of set subjects, but the participants are always welcome to suggest topics
  • Topics will be practical, and may include tutorials
  • Format will be seminar like, and may have “guest speakers”

The sessions will also include the “Book Club”, which will run in parallel with the sessions (and sometimes be combined with the sessions if the books are directly on point)

  • There will be a certain number of pre-selected books (see link to book list), but the participants may also suggest titles
  • The purpose of the book club is two fold.
    First, it is to introduce books that people should be familiar with as managers.
    Second, it is to provide a resource and stimulus for discussion of the topic/issue of the seminar

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