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Holding Meetings 16 Jul 2007 12:02 pm

Topic 6: Holding a Meeting (More to Think About)

And, here is the last minute rush of “interesting articles”.

Don’t want everyone to be overwhelmed, but you might find these pieces interesting (you knew at some point I was going to start bringing out the really serious stuff).

Each of these is from the Harvard Business Review and explore different aspects of meetings from “how-to” to “how not to”. All of them are short enough to get the point quickly (except the first one, which needs to cover lots of ground, but still gets to the point.

  • How to Run a Meeting HBR
    • This one is very thorough and covers practically every topic that relates to meetings and their success. A good one to start with.
  • Meetings that work; Plans bosses can approve (HBR)
    • This is focused on the “meeting with your boss to approve your proposal” meeting. The key word here is “FOCUS”. You will like this one. You will want to use this the next time you have an idea or project.
  • Stop Wasting Valuable Time (HBR)
    • This one is also about focus (and not wasting valuable time). Think about this phrase from the article: “the urgent crowds out the important”
  • Offsites that Work (HBR)
    • Another good quote: “It simply left no fingerprints on the business”. Is that a great line or what? In other words, if you are going to the trouble of having an off site, you will want to be sure that it will have a real and persistent influence.


Will pick up on each of these on Thursday.

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